Surfing Goat

It’s a dream story of a young man leaving his roots, traditions & family crossing oceans and continents 3 decades ago to pursue the American Dream.
A journey of a self-taught professional chef, graduate of the school of hard knocks to award winning cook book author, to stay home dad. Driving his son daily to school along the east side of Honolulu shores, glancing at the beauty of Mother Nature and its Pacific Ocean. A love affair with waves started. An idea is born. This led me on a quest to create a brand…A start up company of gourmet baked goods, BBQ  sauces, jams, spice blends, marinates, vinaigrette and accessories.

In my birth country Morocco, goats climb trees!

Goat’s nature is to climb things why not climb on a surf board and ride waves?


Surfing the waves of flavor


Chef ZZ

Founder & Owner 

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